CONFIRMED! The Linda Ikeji Hermes Birkin Bags Are 100% Original

The Linda Ikeji Hermes Birkin bags were bought from the United Kingdom for $14 thousand USD each, that’s a total of $28 thousand. It was purchase from a designer’s shop on the Sloan Street in the Royal Borough of Kensington, Chelsea area in London.

Sloane Street is London’s premiere shopping avenue for the world’s most revered luxury brands. From designer handbags, couture fashion and accessories Sloane Street is reputed for offering an intimate shopping atmosphere in Knightsbridge boutiques and is committed to world class service.

We sent someone who is in Uk over there to confirm with the story online and the result came out positive, the Hermes Birkin bag Linda Ikeji bought is 100% original and have been confirmed by the designers shop and Hermes Birkin, the makers.

Linda Ikeji Hermès Birkin Bag
The Linda Ikeji Hermès Birkin Bags Bought From Sloan, UK

Like I said in the previous article, the only thing Linda Ikeji got wrong was replying the haters who tried to instigate the lies. They would have failed in their quest if Linda had kept quiet. By replying, she gave away herself so cheaply and gave the haters more reasons to insult and castigate her.

From the pictures Linda posted some hours ago and later pulled down, Linda showed all the accessories that comes with the bags and the stamp of authenticity from the manufacturers of the bags, Hermes Birkin. It is impossible for a designer shop to sell such item at such huge amount of money if the item in question is not original. United Kingdom is not Nigeria where anything can happen without questioning.

I think Linda’s comment was as a result of the continuous attack from people who could not see anything good in her. When you are subjected to such attacks for now reasons, even when you are doing your best to help others, its just a matter of time before you cave in and do or say what you are not supposed to say.

If Instagram is real life, some people would be cooling their heels in Police station now over the lInda Ikeji Hermes Birkin bag because the insults was just unbearable.


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