The Creepiest Celebrity Doppelgangers Ever

Animals That Totally Look Like Celebrities

Kim Kardashian West


We ALL know who Kim K is, she and her famous sisters are everywhere, from magazines to the modeling and make-up world and let us not forget her husband is the out-spoken Kanye West. The media have been known to criticize Kim’s outlandish fashion and her nude selfies, however, the media was never crueler during the times that Kim has been pregnant.

Kim definitely did not know how to dress her bump in more ways than one, but it was this particular ensemble that had anyone and everyone comparing her to a Black and White Whale. We are not body-shaming her at all, but this was a terrible outfit choice, a terrible angle but an incredible resemblance to this water creature.

The Dali Lama


Well, they both have the lama thing going for them, but they also have a sunny demeanor and look alike too.

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  1. Please do not compare Jake Gyllenhal to Tobey McGuire. Jake is gorgeous and Tobey is pretty much the biggest goober than ever goobed.

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