The Creepiest Celebrity Doppelgangers Ever

Heather Graham and Teri Polo

Heather Graham’s first starring role was as Felicity Shagwell in the 1999 Austin Powers sequel which was a box-office hit. Ten years later she played the stripper-with-a-heart-of-gold Jade in The Hangover, which was also a box-office hit. Graham can currently be seen in the TV Series Bliss. Not only does she look like actress Teri Polo but turned down the role in Meet the Parents that ultimately went to Polo making her famous. Polo is divorced with one child. She can be seen nowadays in the TV Series, The Fosters.

Mamie Gummer and Leelee Sobieski



Mamie Gummer, 35, came to fame playing the daughter of Meryl Streep on the big screen in Ricki and the Flash and the two are actually mother and daughter in real life! While Mamie has three siblings she shares a strong resemblance to Indie actress Leelee Sobieski who is also 35 years old. Sobieski made a name for herself in Deep Impact when she was just a teenager. The movie was a hit, grossing over $349 million worldwide. However, you won’t find her on the big screen anymore as Sobieski admitted: “I don’t do movie stuff anymore. I am just focused on my kids. I think that’s mainly why I stopped…Also, ninety percent of acting roles involve so much sexual stuff with other people, and I don’t want to do that.”

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  1. Please do not compare Jake Gyllenhal to Tobey McGuire. Jake is gorgeous and Tobey is pretty much the biggest goober than ever goobed.

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