Celebrities Who Might Run for President in 2020

22. John Legend


Credit: @John Legend

Academy-Award® winning singer and multiple Grammy winner John Legend is not only a musician but an activist who founded FREEAMERICA. The popular singer once wrote, “Donald Trump might have respect for the flag but doesn’t respect what it stands for.” Legend is a smart, charitable guy that loves to advocate for the rights of African Americans.

The singer has been appointed to the Forum of Young Global Leaders. He’s a potential candidate for the job but has confirmed running for office. Instead, he has thrown his support behind anyone that wins the 2020 presidential nominations on a Democratic ticket.


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  1. my favourihte candidate was hillary clinton. but this time round i feel so much encouraged for the interest of [allow me to call her my dear mother celeb opral winfrey]and please i call upon all the americans and the entire glope to give her support for her childhood dream to bring a new dawn to america and the entire world me personally i will give her hundred percent moral support because that is what ican be able to afford and offer when the right time comes.

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