Celebrities Who Might Run for President in 2020

14. LeBron James



Credit: @LeBron James
Lebron is a consummate professional widely regarded as one of the greatest NBA players of all time. He has won three NBA championships, four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, three NBA Finals MVP Awards, three NBA All-Star Game MVP Awards, two Olympic gold medals, an NBA scoring title, and the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. He isn’t just a sports star but also a generous philanthropist.

This is a guy who loves to give back to the community. He is the founder of LeBron James Family Foundation and supports non-profit groups. James is better at uniting people and has on a number of occasions blasted Donald Trump for his divisive remarks. He already meets the qualifications of being the U.S. president.


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  1. my favourihte candidate was hillary clinton. but this time round i feel so much encouraged for the interest of [allow me to call her my dear mother celeb opral winfrey]and please i call upon all the americans and the entire glope to give her support for her childhood dream to bring a new dawn to america and the entire world me personally i will give her hundred percent moral support because that is what ican be able to afford and offer when the right time comes.

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