Celebrities Who Might Run for President in 2020

12. Ron Perlman


Credit: @Ron Perlman

Fans of Hellboy actor Ron Perlman are all too familiar of his intentions to make his political views known. Well, he’s been to “hell” and back, right? So the White House dream might not be so far-fetched after all. He’s not just talking but is serious about it. The action film actor has already announced his candidacy come 2020.

Perlman said: “We’re in a very dangerous, very degraded moment in time where the values that everybody who came before us fought and died for are all being tromped upon for no good end except power and greed.”


2 thoughts on “Celebrities Who Might Run for President in 2020

  1. my favourihte candidate was hillary clinton. but this time round i feel so much encouraged for the interest of [allow me to call her my dear mother celeb opral winfrey]and please i call upon all the americans and the entire glope to give her support for her childhood dream to bring a new dawn to america and the entire world me personally i will give her hundred percent moral support because that is what ican be able to afford and offer when the right time comes.

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