Celebrities Who Got Married Secretly

Alison Brie and Dave Franco

Harpar’s Bazaar


Our favorite couple met back in 2011 at the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. The incredibly talented and overall sweetheart TV star (Community, Mad Men, Bojack Horseman, GLOW, did we forget anything?) announced her engagement to Dave Franco (brother of) in the summer of 2015. On March 2017, the two got married in secret private ceremony. True transformation for the actress who stated back in 2012 that she wasn’t sure she was the marrying kind. “I don’t even know if I want to get married,” Brie told Elle Canada. “I’ve never been the girl who’s planning my dream wedding — I was always practicing my speech for the Oscars. That was my dream, which is kind of sad but kind of great.”

Ilana Glazer and David Rocklin


The hilarious American comedian, writer, actress, and Creator of Comedy Central’s series Broad City made the unusual-yet-sane choice of marrying a computational biologist named David Rocklin. After a long boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, the two tied the knot in a secret private ceremony in City Hall. Even after they married, Ilana posted no social statement about their marriage. Secretive much?

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