Billionaire Daughter, Abimbola Fernandez Reveals She Is A Lesbian

Abimbola Fernandez, daughter of Nigerian gemstone and diamond tycoon late Antonio Deinde Fernandez has revealed on her snap chat and Instagram page that she is lesbian. Abimbola known as “Bim” who want to be a pop and rap star bare her mind to her followers.  Her late father has been against his daughter lesbianism and stood firmly against any homo$exual relationship in his family.

The 25-year-old heiress who is said to worth $8.7 billion described her father as “90 and miserable and forgot what it’s like to be 25”

Read what she wrote on Instagram page…

“Actually I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. My private life is my private life as is my account numbers etc I refuse to engage. Trying to shame someone for who they befriend based on $exuality is absolutely horrific and might be illegal stateside. My father loved his children no matter what. #LGBTQ fly your flags ? never let anyone shame you” She penned down.

According to Abiyamo report before the late Fernandez passed on, he got to know of Abimbola’s lesbian partner. This was how a family member present at the heart-rendering moment put it:

‘Chief got to know of Abimbola’s lesbian partner but only a few weeks to his death. He cursed her and said to us there never to mention her name in his presence again. He cried so hard. It was a distraught time for us all.


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