Andrew Lloyd Webber Net Worth And Biography

Andrew Lloyd Webber net worth is $880 million, Andrew is a English composer, songwriter and Businessman. Andrew Lloyd Webber is not the kind of celebrity that is easily seen on Television. But he makes his millions from music business currently the richest musician in the world. He makes his money by writing and composing music for theatre art and movies. He started writing from the age of 9.

His parents were instrumentalists, so he was able get his influence from composing music from them. His classical music are mostly used in movies and musical theatre. Movies such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats, Evita and The Phamtom Of The Opera, are used for soundtracks. His hit song ”Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” has been covered by many musicians. Madonna is one of the artiste who sang the cover version of the song Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, this was used for the movie Evita.

One of Andrew Lloyd’s old time classic ”The Phantom Of The Opera” had the attendance of 80 million in his show. Due to the huge turn up he made an estimated amount of  more than $3.2 Billion. As a composer for theatre art and films, he won Grammy awards, Tony awards, the Golden Globe awards and the BRIT awards.

  Andrew Lloyd Webber Business Career

– Really Useful Theatre Group: It is a musical theatre owned by Andrew Lloyd. He is the chairman of the company. The theatre is one of the largest in England. It provides services like filming, concert production and theatre art. The company has been able to manage his classical music which resulted to his success in big movies like Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita and Cats. Due to his classical composition he made a net worth of over £870,000.

– Arts Educational Schools London: He is the director and president of the school. The school provides training for people interested in singing and acting. He makes a lot of money as the founder of the school. Andrew Lloyd Webber net worth is $880 million.

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