All-Time Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton

Elizabeth Taylor was married 8 times to 7 men. In this slide, we will cover her first marriage and her longest one. For her first trip down the aisle, Taylor tied the knot with Conrad “Nicky” Hilton (yes, the great-uncle to Paris and Nicky Hilton). 18-year old Taylor said her vows in front of an audience of 700 family and friends. She wore a Helen Rose designed gown which sold at a London auction for $187,931. The marriage lasted one year (due to his excessive drinking and gambling habits).

Credit: @elizabethtaylor

Fun Fact: Liz’s dress took designer Helen Rose and her team around two months to create and was very similar to the one Liz wore in her starring role in ‘Father of the Bride’. The gown included a three-quarter-length full veil attached with a small pearl tiara.

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