19-Year-Old Alexandra Andresen Is The World Youngest Billionaire

19-year-old Alexandra Andresen from Norway is the world youngest billionaire. Forbes’ 2016 list released on Tuesday estimated Alexandra Andresen net worth to be $1.2 billion after she inherited her new found wealth from her father’s fortune.

Alexandra Andresen family owns a cigarette company named Tiedemanns Tobaksfabrik the largest producer of Cigarette in Norway. The company was founded by her great-great-great-grandfather and was passed down through the generations until her father, Johan H. Andresen became the CEO in 1998.

Alexandra father became the sole owner and CEO in 1998, and thus became the fifth generation of the Andresen family in charge of the company since the first Johan H. Andresen bought the tobacco company J.L. Tiedemanns Tobaksfabrik in 1849.

Alexandra Andresen said in an interview on Ferd’s website: “I feel a great responsibility. In a way I think that I have not made ​​me deserving of this, while I want to help develop Ferd and make it even better. Finding a way to give something back, I think is difficult.”

‘The fact that my family has resources has given me many opportunities, especially in the riding, because it requires a lot of capital.  ‘But it is not enough to have money to succeed.’

She and her older sister Katharina Andresen are ranked as the 1,475th richest people in the world  by Forbes magazine.  Alexandra Andresen is a professional horse rider and has won many trophies, she won bronze at the 2013 European Junior Riders Championships in Compiegne, France, and silver at the 2014 European Junior Riders Championships in Arezzo, Italy on her stallion Belamour. she is currently training to compete in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.


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