Adele Vs Beyonce, Who Is Richer And More Beautiful?


Adele Vs Beyonce ?

Adele the British singer and songwriter. In recent times, her hit song ‘Hello’ has gained much recognition in many countries around the world. Becoming the number one and selling one million digital copies within a week, with a net worth of $75 million. She has been a successful singer, Over the years. Graduating from the BRIT School for performing Arts & Technology. In 2009, she won the best new artist and best female pop vocal performance. Having a total of 86 awards all together, including 10 Grammy awards, BT Digital music award, Brit awards and so on.

Adele’s album titled 21, made her a good fortune. Being listed in the Guinness Book of world records. Making her to be the first woman in history of the Billboard’s Hot 100 to have the simultaneous top 10 single as a lead artiste. The Time Magazine, listed her as one of the most influential people in the world. It’s no doubt, her influence has made her richer and famous. To top it up, the ‘Sky fall’ singer received the Golden Globe Award for the James Bond franchise movie ‘Sky Fall’.

But, in terms of deals like endorsement and the business side of her musical career, she has turned down many deals. She spoke to the ‘The New York Post’ explaining the reasons, and I quote ‘ I have been offered everything and I don’t want to water myself down, I want to do one thing, I want to do make something. I don’t want to be the face of anything. It’s seems to me, she is more into her musical career, than the business side of it.

Beyonce on the other hand, has made a great success from her music and business career. The American singer and actress is estimated to have a net worth of $450 million. She currently earns more than Adele ($75 million). Been a singer and a business woman, she has become one of the top richest celebrity in Hollywood, topping Adele her counterpart. With the help of Jay Z her husband, introducing the Tidal Streaming Service, rising artiste and creating a brand, has added to her success. In 2010, she launched her first official fragrance ‘Heat’, and she has her clothing lines and endorsement deals. The one with Tommy Hilfiger, Pepsi and other brands. All these endorsement made this diva richer. Compare to that of Adele, who is not into endorsement. Figures don’t lie, It’s pretty obvious Beyonce is richer than Adele.

Ever since the solo artiste Beyonce left the group Destiny’s Child in 2001, she won many awards,  including the 20 Grammies and been the most nominated woman in the Grammies, with a total number of 52 nominations. She takes the lead here.

The question of who is more beautiful between Adele and Beyonce, may vary from individuals. What might be beautiful to you, might not be the same for other persons. Like the saying goes, ‘beauty is in eyes of the beholder’. On the part of Beyonce, she at some point has been crowned the ”World’s most beautiful woman” of the people’s magazine.  I guess the people’s opinion speaks a lot here, and there are still some occasions, were she has been awarded a beauty queen. Personally, to me they are both beautiful divas, doing what they love doing best. But, for that of Beyonce, she seems to be leading by popular demand.


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