Actor Charles Okocha Recovers From Bullet Wound He Sustained Last Year

Nollywood actor Charles Okocha recovers from a bullet wound he sustained last year. The actor was mistakenly shot by a drunk policeman while he was at a wedding venue in Nnewi, Anambra state.

Charles Okocha in a chat with Punch sometimes ago recount how he was shot by the drunk policeman he said “I stepped out of the wedding venue to receive a call and then walked into a bunch of fans that made some complimentary remarks.

“As I moved closer to acknowledge their love for me, a policeman who was around also walked to where we were standing and said that my movies always made him happy.

“He said as a mark of appreciation of my works and the respect he had for me, he would shoot into the air as a form of salute, even though I didn’t fancy the idea.

“The guy was very drunk and so when he corked his gun to shoot, it fell from his hand.

“Unfortunately, the gun had been programmed to shoot rapidly and sporadically. I was very close to him and before the gun dropped some bullets had hit me.

“I had to hold my intestine which was already out with my hands. It was a very horrifying experience. I did not get to the hospital till after an hour even with the way I was bleeding profusely.

Charles Okocha 1
Charles Okocha in an hospital theatre room

He was immediately rushed to an hospital where doctors removed five bullets from his stomach and leg. Now the bullet wounds have completely healed.

Charles Okocha 2
Charles Okocha bullet wound now completely healed

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