Top 20 Lies Of Network/Multi Level Marketing Companies

There are hundreds of multi level marketing companies out there with lots of people representing them and at the same time claiming their preferred company to be the best  opportunity in terms of products and marketing plans. The business is viable and highly attractive on the surface but takes some kind of die-hard individuals to run it successfully.

It is a lucrative business no doubt but its score sheet is filled with massive failure rates and financial ruins for most of the distributors and consumers alike. In this write up, we would like to go through some of the reasons why this business is hated and loved by many at the same time.

We will also like to consider at least, the top 20 lies of multi level marketing business and the reason they tell such lies, and also do our best to put things in the right perspective.

So, here we go with the list of Top 20 Lies Of Network Marketing also known as Multi Level Marketing and the possible reasons why some they lie alot.


Lie #1. You Don’t Need To sell The Products For You To Succeed In Network Marketing.

Reason: Average person are afraid of selling one thing or the other and because of this, the distributor considers this to be the easiest way to win a prospect. But in the reality, we all sell one thing or the other to be part of this life which is a clear facts of life in its entirety no matter where we are or who we claim to be, selling is just part of life.

When next a multi level market approached you with the lies that you don’t have to sell the products, know that it is a complete lie. You must sell and sell and sell again and again. Else, you wouldn’t make a silk pulse.

Lie #2. It Is The Best Business In The World!.

Reason: Everyone alive feels the need to belong to the best in the world and that statement looks like an easy catch.

But to be frank, we all cannot be in the same type of business because we have varied interests and abilities which often determines what we can individually do and excel in.

Lie #3. Once You Get A Customer, It Is For Life.

Reason: The new distributors are afraid of how to dispose their products and gain new customers.

The truth is that most of your customers may not stick with you for long and some will not patronize you for the second time especially if they have alternative to what you are dealing on. Some will even want to play on you by calling you some funny names while trying to understand the sudden drive behind your motives in having them in your list of regular customers for products that is well over priced.

Lie #4. You Will Become A Millionaire Working Just Five Hours A Week.

Reason: The catch here is the money; considering how long you had worked at what you are presently doing without becoming a millionaire or even capable of solving your basic financial problems.

Endless struggles with multi level marketing | Image credit: Shawn Robinson
Endless struggles with multi level marketing | Image credit: Shawn Robinson

When we got to this very point, one nice quote came to my mind and it says “NOTHING GOOD AND LASTING COMES EASY”. You see, we are all engaged in various types of businesses before now and equally know how long it takes for one to make something meaningful from it. Network marketing is not different. It takes even more time and focus for a person to meet up with the challenges before you talk of the millions. Ask sincere six figure earners in the industry and they will tell you it didn’t come cheap.

 Lie #5. Events Are The Secret To Your Success

Reason: The person who recruited you no doubt wants you to remain motivated and to succeed.

Events doesn’t perform any magic if you are not motivated with enough drive to succeed. Many distributors simply go to MLM events to see what is going on and come home and revert to their old selves. So where is the magic if they cannot implement what they learn from the business meeting even if it’s difficult to do as is usually is?

Lie #6. Everyone Is A Multi Level Marketing Prospect

Reason: They want you to believe you have plenty of customers littered all over the places waiting for your MLM products and opportunities.

How possible is that, when every other persons are already into different opportunities with one thing in mind; trying to become rich and  successful just like you. It’s just like a driver who has the notion that all the commuters are waiting for him to come out with his own vehicle. Day dreaming at best.

 Lie #7. With The Internet You Don’t Have To Stress Yourself To Build Your Team

Reason: They want to have people believe that technology is there to lessen your work.

For sure, technology has really changed the way we do things greatly but that does not mean that some reasonable efforts from us are not needed. Besides, very few persons has all it takes to be online and do that effectively with all the requirements in terms of money and knowledge.

Lie #8. Just Duplicate Yourself In One Or Two Persons

Reason: Average person want to have people take the loads off their heads.

What if those ones you duplicated yourself in are not doing the same in return? That means you have just succeeded in getting your likes, just a bunch like your easy-going self that could not ‘get mad’ with the business because that’s what it requires – just duplicate and nothing else. From personal experience, it doesn’t work that way!

Lie #9. Do Not Deviate From The System.

Reason: In case you are sensed to be facing the realities of the business.

Every person know that there are different ways of doing the same thing in order to achieve a common goal. Especially in network marketing, most of the successful ones I know, do their business differently because what works for a person may not necessarily work for the other.

A person’s ability determines how far he can go in this business. Just master the basics and then you can do it any how you want without minding the crappy system or whatsoever as long as your monthly bonuses keep coming in.

Lie #10. Our Company Is The Best

Reason: The distributor was made to believe same or could be for personal preference.

The fact is that you can succeed in any network marketing company that fits your person or has what you need in their product lines or marketing plans. This has nothing to do with the products or marketing plans but what you can really do as a person and how that fits into your budget.

After all, don’t we have so many network marketing companies even though they keep attacking each other? One distributor who has tested many MLM companies has this to say, “All the plans works but not for everyone at the same time, look for one that suites your needs and work it because it surely works if you keep working it”.

Multi level marketing may not just be the business for you because it thrives heavily on falsehood and brainwash.

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  1. To be candid, this is more than a detailed analysis. I wanted to say more but I’m just carried away with both laughter and some deep thoughts about it all. Please keep the posts coming because they are both entertaining and educative. Nice job.

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