Top 10 Lies Of Network/Multi Level Marketing Companies

This is the continuation from the top 20 lies of network marketing or multi level marketing.


Lie #11. You Need A Good Sponsor

Reason: Self promotions and to win interests.

I have seen a successful distributor of an multi level marketing company with a weak distributor and a careless one at that, but who grew up to become a top earner in his company while the sponsor was no where to be found. Although we are not ruling out the benefit of a good sponsor in the business but that are never the yardstick for success in the industry.

Lie #12. You Will Travel The World!

Reason: Some people has that as their dreams which is not bad anyway.

You may travel if you are serious with the business but often times,  that depends on your abilities to be able to clear the initial hurdles of multiple rejections, cold-calling, and withering the storms of apathy in the business. In fact, a good percentage of the success in the business are on papers than in real life.

Lie #13. Your Family And Friends Are Sure Prospects

Reason: Soft landing in case you are afraid to discuss with some total strangers.

How good and prosperous will a business be if your customers are just your closest? In the real sense and even if it’s at all possible, your friends and family members are the hardest set of people to bring into your business. Simply put, they are not your target market.

Apart from the monetary incentives, they have their own dream to pursue and life to live. Go ahead and make your millions and show them and if you re’ able you can always win them over or if not, don’t allow different of  interest to put some strains in your relation with your intimate ones.

Lie #14. You Don’t Need To Retail The Products

Reason: Just to give the impressions that you would be highly sought after.

The industry does not print money, they are in business just like every other companies to make money and this they do through marketing of their products in every form, both in retail and in whole sales. (for those that deal on physical products) both customers and distributors are needed to keep the business going. The company is in business because of selling and recruiting new prospects. The earlier you get that right the better.

Lie #15. You Have To Train Your People

Reason: To keep you conscious of your duties, teaching your down lines.

Training is good but what if the people you are training have something else in mind to use that training on? I have heard some people who say that they are successful in their present business because of applying what they learned from opportunity meeting of one multi level marketing company or the other. So training is not a cure all as far as network marketing is concerned. Invest your time wisely and judiciously too.

Lie #16. Once You Are Able To Work Up And Add The Numbers You Are There

Reason: To give the impressions that plus and minus is all that is needed.

This very idea, if properly considered I would say, best fit the conventional business more than the multi level marketing opportunity because what you need to succeed in the business goes beyond your abilities of adding up numbers. Skills and enough managerial abilities are seriously needed for both sponsoring, training, and maintaining good relationships with all in your team. So get that right as well.

Lie #17. It’s Damn Simple

Reason: To win you over.

If multi level marketing is easy as it is preached and believed to be, why then are people doing every other business? The truth is that it’s not easy and simple because much is involved in term of money, persistence, and hard work. Think about this, how easy was it for the person pitching into the opportunity? You are equally bombarding him or her with many questions, some of which are surely going to made him paint some answers a bit for you to accept. I want to believe, you weren’t and easy work-over.  Were you?

Lie #18. You Don’t Need Money To Do MLM

Reason. Initial bait to get you in.

To some extent, it might sound true but you surely need money to do the business at the end if you really want to make money, and for sure, you need some cool cash to get your positions in the marketing plans of all MLM industries irrespective of how it is coated with the impression that all you need are people to take a ‘step’ as is often prefaced. Those people you are said to bring in, actually mean money in the real sense of it.

Lie #19. Anyone Can Do Multi Level Marketing

Reason: Motivation.

Ask those who are into the business and they will tell you that the business is not for everyone dick and harry. The business drills a person to the extent that you have to at least be a somewhat different from the former you to have the needed discipline to make it in multi level marketing business. Make no mistakes, it takes a chunk of you to work the business irrespective of what you have or want to protect, which is certainly not for a shy or conservative types of persons.

Lie #20. Endless Residual Income From Multi Level Marketing

Reason: Everyone like to hear that.

How realistic really is that with multi level marketing? The fact is that a person can build a massive income through MULTI LEVEL MARKETING business but what happens when he stops growing his business? I was in a seminar where a speaker made this statement,  “If you stops doing that which brings you **** amount of money per month, that **** amount would definitely change as time goes on and would eventually stop coming.

From the foregoing, these may not sound palatable to some but not withstanding, I want all to bear it in mind that this represents my personal opinion just as every other persons have theirs. I have my own opinion in this article just like every other person does, therefore if you have reasons to counteract the assessments here, feel free to have your opinions expressed for others to benefit from it. If you have equally enjoyed the article, please let us know. Thank you


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  1. You guys are indeed living up to expectations here. Anyone venturing into the business have more than enough to gain by studiously going through these lists of the realities to be expected in the business.

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