Shocker! Cement price rises to N2,200 in Nigeria

For those who before now expecting to continue their various construction projects with the hopes that the cement price was going to be down soon, all got it wrong.

Their hopes were dashed yesterday, with a fresh hike in the price of of the commodity.

Some weeks ago, we recall, a major cement producer in the country said that it had crashed the price of the product to as low as N1000, which got construction experts and cement consumers dancing joyously.

But then, even with the promise, the products was never sold at that price anywhere in the country. So the hikes was anything but a big surprise because Nigerians have expecting the price to come down to the said thousand naira as promised which never materialized.

A dealer in the Ibafo area of Ogun State who spoke on condition of anonymity said one of the major manufacturers had indicated that its next consignment would be delivered at N1,900, adding that by the time other variables are added, a bag of the product would get to the final consumer at N2,200.

So that is to tell us that the price of the commodity, instead of coming down is actually going up, consumers were however assured that the product would always be available.

To make the product available to customers, the firm said it had set up depots across the nation and also offered opportunity for direct purchase.


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