Invest With Us And Make N100,000 – N1Million Monthly

My name is Darlinton Omeh, I’m the founding editor of We are building a social media company called “PALNESS” and I am inviting you to make a short term investment with us and earn good returns on your investment. If you invest N5million with us, you will be paid N250,000 every single month as pure profit, and we will continue paying you for a period of 12 months. At the end of twelve months, you still get your capital back. 

1. You make profit far more than what you can get from fix deposit or from any investment portfolio manager.

2. Opportunity to have a representative in PALNESS to work with us, earn salary from us, and even become part of Palness family.

3. You wouldn’t be kept waiting, you receive payment every month throughout the investment duration.

4. Opportunity to convert your investment into equity at the end of the investment window. You decide!

The minimum investment we accept is N2million and if at any point from six months you need your money for other things, you can recall your investment by giving us one month notice.

What is Palness All About?

Palness is a Social Media, Tech, and Knowledge Base company founded by Darlinton Omeh and registered in Nigeria as “Palness Media” to carry out social media, technology, journalism, and content delivery services. We are committed to the free and open web, building contents that are easily accessible to anyone who have access to the internet.

Our Mission is: Understanding people’s needs and creating useful content, community and experiences based upon meeting those needs and making it free and accessible where possible.

We are currently working on ranges of internet based products and services, some of which when completed and fully operational, would change the way we do things on the internet, while some are already out there in the public, serving tens of thousands of internet users.

We have a huge dream – a dream to build Palness to the class and standards of Weibo, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, Yahoo, etc. It is not just a dream, we have a clear business plan and road map to achieving this, and the progress is already underway!

We started with business content development, training, and consultancy, serving clients across the country and beyond for close to 7 years now. As a certified Google publisher, we generate revenue by providing content for Google search and monetizing the resultant hits through contextual ads served directly by Google. In other words, we make money through advertising.

The brief summary of “Project Palness”

Our first site – was founded on the 31st of January 2012 as a business blog, to help make available small business ideas and investment information to Nigerians. Within ten months of running, we got over 2,500 feedback from enthusiastic Nigerians and some other Africans who have been able to start business of their own for the first time from the information we provided on the site. was able to grow from 0 naira monthly to over N500,000 consistent monthly income within 24 months without any form of marketing and promotion. Having considered this as a progress worth building upon, we decided to merge with and the merging was successfully completed on the 28th of August 2015. The aim of the merger is to enable us to be more focused and more competitive and to play faster and smarter in this emerging knowledge based economy.


We believe that nothing is impossible if we try. Many will come and go but this fundamental principle of ours will remain forever. It is base on this principle that we are building as a knowledge base social network platform that is going to be unique in many ways. This type of social network will change the way we access information on the net, such that have never existed in this part of the world. The project is currently at the testing stage and nearing final completion.

As we speak, Project Palness is already active for private testing and will be fully launched to the public before the ending of this year (2015). We’re targeting the increasing number of new internet users, as well as the existing 320 million online communities in India, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, and other African countries.

constative1Like I said earlier, this Journalism platform is a merger between and The beauty of this project is in the meaning of name – denoting a speech act or sentence that is a statement declaring something to be the case. is currently the internet news media startup in Africa with the best and biggest prospect. The name alone ( is valued at $250,000 in domain aftermarket.

We are currently creating content that targets countless keywords, leveraging on the good will with Google and our good understanding of the search engine environment. Our immediate target is to hit $100,000 consistent monthly income within the next 18 months.

This is the brief summary of what we do. Your investment will help us build quickly, and for investing with us, your name shall be written in gold at palness. Here are the types of investment we are accepting.

1. Short term investment – This offers you the opportunity to make good profit from your investment. The minimum investment required for this is N2 million and we will be paying you monthly profit of N100,000 for 12 months. At the end of the 12 months, you take your N2 million back. If you invest N20 million with us, you get N1million monthly for 12 months and get your N20 million back at the end of 12 months. In addition to your returns, we’ll give you some little part of us as a “Thank You” token.

2. Private Equity Investment – If you believe in what we are doing and you think you can be part of the pain and the gain, talk to me now, you may well be making the best investment decision of your life.

Why Invest With PALNESS?

Job Creation – Our current workforce is 5, and we are targeting 150 within the next 18 months. Your investment will help hundreds of smart Nigerians find well paying jobs that will take them off the street and reduce the pressure in the job market.

Sustainability – Reading through this website will open up your mind to the passion, ideas, insight, and our commitments towards business growth. You will literary see the credibility we’ve built over the years through hard work and commitment to other people’s growth.

Knowledgeable – In terms of internet business, we know exactly how to multiply money. We know how to squeeze water out of the rock, and we understand the terrain of the internet business more than you could ever imagine!

Profitability – From the way we are currently going and with the proposed increase in capacity, our monthly earning may hit $100,000 within the next months. Our current performance indicates we could surpass that in a record time.

We invest in profitable and time tested internet business that you can trust, businesses that ensures steady flow of income under good supervision and professional management.

Let the experts manage your money while you sleep, wake up, and take your profit. We take all the headache and the sleepless nights off you.

The minimum to invest with us is N2million. The payout is N100,000 Monthly for 12 months, giving a total of N1.2million in profit from your N2million investment.

We pour our heart on everything we do and our watchword is “usefulness”

Visit us today @


6th Floor (Wing D), Elephant House, Alausa, Ikeja – Lagos.

17B Dosunmu Ayodeji Crescent, Ikorodu GRA (opposite Voice of Nigeria).

Contact us on: [email protected] (0803 195 8663) serious investors only!

You can drop-by any time from now till the ending of the month to discuss your investment options.

Thank you!

Darlinton Omeh
For Palness Media

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