How To Start A Football Club From Amateur And Grow To Professional

It’s time to learn how to start a football club of your own for good reasons. Whether they call it football or soccer, the sport is the most popular of all sports in existence today. Considering the amount of money players are signed, how much the managers make, how much income that is being generated through advertisements and sales of branded materials by the football clubs, It is not an exaggeration to describe it as a multi-billion dollars industry.

You may have in one way or the other contributed part of the billion of dollars. Directly or indirectly, you have enriched those who have invested in the game of football in the past. Even now you keep investing when all you get back is entertainment and relaxation.

There is nothing wrong with you spending money to relax, but you can do more than that, you can invest and reap the profit in dollars. This profit is not what you get from investing in gambling, the chances that you make money on sports betting is slim, as a matter of fact, you may end up getting nothing if you fall to the category of “unfortunate”. And for the record, the football that this article dwells on is not American or Australian football, it is not Rugby. It is the real football otherwise known by some as soccer.

One of the fastest ways of making money from the game is establishing a football club. Irrespective of how small your club is, despite your locality, you can make money now and make millions of dollars in the future. Read on, as we outline and explain the steps you need to take to become a football club owner.


1. Determine Your Club Identity

This first step is very crucial. It involves choosing a name for your football club. It further includes choosing the colours that your football club will be identified with. As you make this decision, be careful and think it through, knowing that when the world has come to identify your club with a name and a colour, it may be difficult to change their perception as you try to re-introduce another colour in the future.

As part of your club identity, you may need to design a logo for your football club now. When putting the elements of the logo together, ensure that each element is tied to what your football club stands for. Highlight the values that you cherish and promote in your organization. Make it as simple as possible so that the rest of the world can get to understand the message you are passing across through it.

2. Get The Technical And Administrative Team

This step is also very important as you climb the stairs of establishing a football club. The mistake you made at this stage may come to be a waste of finance later. So when selecting the person who will be the coach of your yet to be assembled football club, select the best man available for the job. Do not select the head coach base on mere recommendations or self praise from the candidate being interviewed for the job. Select base on what you have seen or heard him achieved.

Football is about practicality. It is either you use talented individuals or you prepare to fail. The process of selecting the best is not just limited to the coach, every member of your technical crew must be worth the amount you are investing in them.

The same scrutiny should be given to those who will handle the administrative work of the team. From the accountant to the administrative manager. In all, you may not need more than 4-5 staffs including the coach who will help supervise your football club business and see it grow.

3. Draft The Rules And Regulations

The best time to draft the rules and principles guiding your football club is before you commence with the recruitment of players. While you may look for samples from other established football club, try and draft your constitution bearing in mind the uniqueness of your club or the locality you are going to establish it. Envisage problems that might arise and make provisions in your constitution to deal with such.

The penalties that will be included should be such that it is enforceable, else your team members will view your constitution as a joke.

4. Register With The Football Association

Different football associations have different requirements for registering football clubs. Since you are likely not starting big, the requirements will not be too much for you to abide by. You do not have to go to the national body to get your fledgling club registered, you can approach the football association in your region, state or county.

Get the dos and don’t of the football associations of your country and endeavor to avoid breaching them thus preventing paying unnecessary fines.

5. Budget And Procure Materials

It is time you draw a list of the things needed and endeavor to buy them. This includes kits such as jerseys and boots. Cloth manufacturing companies should be contacted to design jerseys that combine beauty with quality. For now, you do not need different jerseys for different matches, make do with three or four types as your team is still new.

6. Select Your Team of Players

At this stage, you, alongside with your technical team have the responsibility of selecting talented young men or women as the case maybe, to make up your football club. For your growing club, raw talent will be required. Because of the popularity that the game has gained, many young ones are naturally attracted to football. Some are however more skilled at playing than the others. Do not let favoritism becloud your judgement when you choose players, pick them based on skills.

Your players do not have to be your staff full time. You are new, you may not have the finances to support that. As you allow them to joggle other works with footballing for you, ensure that you compensate them well enough regarding the terms of payment. This is especially so when they win matches.

Learn to instil discipline in them. Everyone tends to be lazy, but be strict about training sessions and penalize any who defaults.

7. Draw Out Contractual Agreement

Whatever method you have adopted as a means of paying the players, ensure that it is properly documented and that the two parties involved reached a compromise on it before signing. Remember to include, as part of the agreement the reminder for them to stay loyal to you. It is illegal for them to play for other clubs, unless such decision is sanctioned by you. Even if you cannot employ a lawyer now, hire one temporarily so that terms of the contract will not be faulty.

8. Get Insurance For The Club

Owning and managing a football club is rewarding, but it is also delicate. Ensure that all terms of insurance regarding the players and the technical crew are fulfilled. Disability and even death can occur while a player is still active in your football club. It is highly illegal to run a football club without insuring the players.

At any rate, prevention is better than cure. So try to seek medical experts assistance while hiring. If the person is not fit enough to play, do not hire him. Even if he seems skilled enough, it is better to seek other players skill than to be held culpable for someone’s health injury.

It is most likely that those playing for you are minors and children that are not 18. If that happens, ensure that you familiarize with rules guiding such minors so that you will not be charged with child labor.

9. Hire A Pitch For Training

You cannot build a stadium now, so you are left with the choice of hiring a pitch. This will double as a training ground for your players and as your home when you are hosting competition. Look for a place that is closest to most of your players and the technical crew. Also check out the facilities that the field has and be sure that it will serve your needs. Put your negotiating skills to use while you get the right bargain.

10. Be Part Of Competition

Starting from the grass-root, be part of the competition going on in your locality, the more you excel, the higher your chances to be a part of the main league in your country. Note that you may need to seek the support of investors eventually. In the interim, invest your resources in such a way that sponsors will be impressed. With time, you will smile to the bank knowing that you have reaped from your effort. For now ask yourself if you are passionate about owning a football club. If your answer is yes, go back to step one and execute the outline actions one after the other. See you at the top!


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