How To Hire A Professional Negotiator

Professional negotiators have become an integral part of doing business as well as conducting negotiations that have legal implications. They have mastered the science and art of negotiation. They are worth considering when the stakes are high because they will bring their full expertise to bear on your behalf.

Australian negotiator, Dr. Stephen Davis, and Boko Haram
Australian negotiator, Dr. Stephen Davis, with Boko Haram terrorists

It is important to note that negotiation is an integral part of our daily lives. We mainly negotiate our way through life, but there are people that have made a profession out of it. They can handle complex negotiations, and this is one reason why you should consider hiring the services of a negotiator. It will take a whole lot of pressure from off your shoulder and guide you in your dealings with the other party.

Negotiators are here to stay because negotiation is becoming more complex. Understanding the dynamics of negotiation might work at the elementary level but this does not mean that you will be able to handle more complex negotiations.

Why You Need A Professional Negotiator

We have already mentioned that they are worth considering when the stakes are high. Let us make some additions to that.

  • They will setup a pragmatic way of handling a negotiation so that you will be able to measure the progress.
  • The other party might be bringing one and it will do you well to have a negotiator in your team.
  • They are result minded.
  • They show  consistency that will not allow them to get derailed from the expected outcome.
  • They can resolve issues faster.
  • Their experience is something you will need on your side
  • Their fees in relation to what they bring to the table may be a compelling reason to have them on your side

What To Do When Hiring

Negotiators always like going by the book so you should be ready to negotiate every aspect of their service to you. The steps below can serve as a guide.

Spell Out Their Responsibilities

The first thing is the required outcome of the negotiation. The negotiator will (naturally) not go for one outcome so you should be ready to spell out the list or possible outcomes that you will consider favorable to you.

You should include every aspect of their responsibility. You might need to hire them as team leaders that will take complete charge of the negotiation, or bring them in as consultants or assistants. You should know what you want but try to know what they think about working for you. They may have more to offer than you would know to ask.

Getting a feedback from them will give you an idea of the responsibilities you would like them to exercise.

Agree Of Fees And Bonuses

The bonuses may be tied to possible outcomes. That is, if outcome A happens, you will get bonus B sort of deals. Although everyone that is going into a contract is expected to do it to the best of his abilities, there is nothing wrong in giving them extra incentives in form of bonuses.

Look At The Options On Flexibility

It will come to a point when the negotiator would take over the discussion as it were. They will first want to understand the nature of the negotiation, afterwards, they will present scenarios that you will be left to consider with respect to the possible outcomes of the negotiation. They may also want to know the boundaries, the concessions you are ready to allow and the best approach you would love to take.

They will place options before you and give you their best advice on what might happen if you chose one or the other.

Others Additions

You may want to be present during the negotiation. Other issues will include whether the negotiator will come with his or her team. That is, they will want to know the makeup of the team and the function of each member.

Developing A Strategy

Developing a strategy is a process they will initiate upon being hired. They will look at all the facts that are presented to them, dig around for more, and use these to present how  to approach the negotiation table.

You might want to be kept abreast of every aspect of the strategy they want to adopt or actively contribute to it. They can be expensive, but hiring negotiators to deal with specific deals makes them affordable. This means a small or medium sized business owner can have them on his or her team without having to make them  permanent staff.


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