Google Search: How to search by image

Google Search is the leading search engine in the world, the largest percentage of internet users think of Google before any other search engine name comes to their mind. Google is enjoying the traffic and the recognition attached to their brand, the company really worked hard to earn the goodwill it enjoys globally and maintains it till this moment. 

Google has lots of product and services they offer to their loyal customers. According to the latest ranking on eBizMBA, Google search tops the table with over 1,000,000, 000 visitors every month. Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL follows in respective order. Google also enjoy same position on Alexa ranking as the leading most visited site globally.

With google search you can search for anything in the world and get result with a twinkle of an eye. Google search isn’t limiting users to search for text strings alone (words, phrase, sentence etc), one may search for pictures using Google image search. 

In June 2011, Google released a new option called “Search By Image”. You no longer need to begin the image search with a word or a phrase, but you can now search with an actual image that you see on the web, or that you have on your device (Computer, Tablet, Smartphones), to search for similar images or to find out more information about that specific image.

There is more than one way that you can begin an image search with an image. This article will outline each approach separately below.

Steps involved

Step 1: launch your internet browser – a Mozilla, chrome, internet explorer etc


Step 2: Instead of just typing type in your browser search pane

It will load the Google image search page where you can search for the image you are looking for on the internet either directly from your browser or a location on your device.

Step 3: To begin an image search, click on the camera icon in the search pane, a drop down tab will open giving you two optionsScreenshot_3   

Step 4:

a. Searching with the image URL you found on the web

in case you found image or images you come across while surfing the net and you want to view more of such images or get more information about the image.

i. Ricth-click on the image you want to search for, a dropdown tab will pop up

ii. From the dropdown tab displayed, select copy image URL or image Address or image Location. What will be displayed depends on the browser you are using

iii. Right-click in the search pane on the Google image search page and select paste from the dropdown list that pop up

iv. After pasting the image link, hit the enter button or click on the search by image button

b. Searching with an image you have on your device

You can also search with an image you have on your device

i. click on the camera icon in the search paneScreenshot_3 

ii. select Upload an image from the dropdown tab displayed


iii. click on choose file button; a pop up window will be displayed that allows you to look for the image you want to upload


iv. choose the image you will like to upload and click on the open button at the bottom of the pop up window


v. The  chosen image will be uploadedScreenshot_7

c. Dragging and Dropping Image an Image

This is the method you can use to search for image on Google images.

i. click on the image you wish to start your search with. This may be an image on your computer or from a web

ii. hold your mouse button and drag the image over to the Google images page opened

iii. drop the image in the search pane

Step 5: Wait for the page to load


If the image you are searching for is a popular one, Google will display the name of such image like the one in the image above. The the results will be displayed showing exact image you are looking for and images similar the ones you are searching for. Google will also load other sites where you can download the images from or where you can get more information on the image.

With Google images you can get the search work done with less stress, all you have to do is just Google It!


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