Google offering incentives to YouTube Creators


I guess the time has come! Yes, time to step up and become the creator I’m meant to be, I’ve been dragging the feet on this despite good preparations I’ve been making over the months, time has come to launch the channels I’ve been dreaming about all these years, at least I’m motivated now.

The reason is because top video creators are smiling every day and if the story published by New York Journal is anything to go by, the creators are in for bigger deals as Google (owners of YouTube) is said to be offering some of it’s top creators incentive to sign multiyear of exclusivity.

Google Inc. ’s YouTube unit is racing to lock up its top stars as rival online video services court them aggressively.

Facebook Inc. and video startup Vessel, among others, have tried to lure YouTube creators to their services in recent months, according to people familiar with the discussions.

In response, Google is offering some of its top video makers bonuses to sign multiyear deals in which they agree to post content exclusively on YouTube for a time before putting it on a rival service. The bonuses can be tied to how well videos perform, but YouTube is making a wide range of offers to counter rivals, according to people involved in the discussions. For several months, YouTube also has been offering to fund additional programming by some of its video makers.

These people say YouTube executives are particularly concerned about Vessel, though the startup has yet to disclose any details about its service or video makers it has signed.

In recent weeks “YouTube has been in a fire drill” led by Robert Kyncl, global head of business, trying to hold on to its stars, according to a person close to the company.

Vessel, which plans a subscription video service, has been particularly aggressive courting YouTube stars in recent weeks, according to the people familiar with the discussions. Founded by former Hulu Chief Executive Jason Kilar, the company has raised $75 million in venture capital, according to Crunchbase, and is looking to secure programming ahead of a planned launch by the end of the year.

Vessel and others are offering lucrative terms, according to one YouTube content creator who has been approached. “I would like to remain on YouTube,” says this person. “But some of the competing offers are incredibly attractive.” When the offer is incredibly attractive you know what it means.


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