Your Business Cards Matters → See Qualities Of A Good Business Card

Your business cards is often the first business impression you make. People can disregard or take your business very seriously because of the impression your business cards creates. Since handing out a business card is often the first impression people take of your business, you need to get it right.

If you are desirous of making that first business impression with your business card, you need to read this article to the end and make sure you follow every steps highlighted to get the best business cards for your business. Below are some of the top qualities of a good business card:-


Qualities of Good Business Cards

Your business can greatly benefit from having a good business card and you might just find it easier to land more deals than those who don’t have a good business card. A good business card will be your business companion and will also be the first thing that prospective clients and customers will look at during the first meeting. Having a set of amateur business card can be very detrimental to your business and career, which is why getting good business cards can not be overlooked. The qualities described in this article can really help you get the business card that will make that beautiful first impression.

Eye Catching – Countless number of business cards are handed out everyday. Since people’s lives are very hectic and the attention spans very low, they usually don’t look at a business card for more than a few seconds before deciding either to keep it or toss it into the dustbin. Since this is the time you have to make a lasting impression, it is very important that your business card catches the person’s eye. This is one of the main reasons why your business card has to be distinct and eye catching.

To achieve this, you need to be creative with colors and make sure it reflects your overall branding. It must have your logo and not just your business name written out in plain text.

Professional Looking – This is a common mistake by startups who are struggling to make ends meet in business. They’ll look at the prices for branding and find themselves dismayed at the prices, thinking they can get around it by having a relative or friends to some makeshift shabby logo. It is not hard to tell the difference between a professional and an amateur by looking at their business cards. If it’s something that has to do with a contract, you could lose it because of a bad business card. Why? The prospective client will instantly be able to tell the difference and assume you’re not serious about the job since you didn’t even bother getting a professionally done business card, how are you going to do the job well.

To make your business card look really professional, you need to hire a brand expert who is creative and in tune with the latest trends. Let them come up with a brand concept then you hire a professional graphic designer to do the designs. In the most cases, the brand experts will do everything from conceptualization to the final designs.

Accurate Size – Do not go below or above board, use the standard widely acceptable size for your business cards. If the card is too big, some will find it inconvenient to take along so they’ll discard it. If it’s too small, people will easily overlook and discard it. Use the acceptable and accurate size.

If you want a bigger card, you may consider folded type. Folded business cards is the guaranteed way to stand apart from the staggering stacks of cards that are acquired at conferences and professional events. Folded business cards offer a unique twist on the classic business card by adding an extra panel that allows additional space for items such as photographs and important information.

Make a Unique Card – Folded business cards also add a level of excitement and anticipation for what lies underneath. Heightening their curiosity, the recipient can’t help but take a peek beneath the fold and behold your professional posh. Adding that extra element of surprise is guaranteed to make your fashionably folded business cards unforgettable.

With stylish layouts and a thick cardstock, it’s hard to believe that these professional yet unique folded business cards are as affordable as they are. And while they double the space of your card, they don’t double the damage to your pocketbook.

If you’re looking to make yourself the envy of the office or simply want to put a spin on something familiar, folded business cards are sure to grab hold of everyone’s attention. So make that lasting impression and be bold with your fold.

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