Best Honeymoon Destinations

Ever thought of making a post wedding journey with your spouse to a place where  you can make your new beginning spicy? If you have a plan to do so, you have to choose a place from here.

Virgin Island

The virgin islands (both British and US) have the grounds for relaxation and fun, especially for those who have long miles ahead to walk. But i will be talking about Virgin Island (US). There are places like virgin island national park (Carribean Jewel). It has what it takes to accommodate more than a million visitors yearly.

Among the top 14 hotspots is the Buck island national monument, St. croix. If  you want to taste what it feels like to be a sea animal, you have to be there.

Crux bay St. John, a k a “Love Town” has many eatery and shopping options. This serene city has got a place for Elaine lone Sprauve library and museum, telling the St. John’s story in pictures.

Charlotte Amalie is the country’s capital which differentiated itself with a great number of shopping outlets and beautiful beaches for swimming and snorkeling.

St. Lucia


This Carribean territory has about 14 tourist hotspots beaming with leisure. I will mention six.

1 Twin pitons towering from the seashore to the sky, creating amazing sight and a sense of being couple.

2 Marigot Bay is the most beautiful among the bays in the island, covering a lot of tourist activities.

3 Anse chastanet marine national park provides aquatic experience that could only be imagined. The watery deep and atmospheric peace give you the chance to swim with fish.

4 Soufriere is a fishing village with a wonderful view. Its position around a beautiful bay makes it visible from an overlook.

5 Sulphur spring park also known as ‘Mount Soufriere’ is considered the most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles. Scientists claim volcanic eruption of about 40 thousand years has created unending sulphur and smoke. Therefore, platforms have been set up to enable tourists to see the bubbling pools.

6 Rodney bay is the most equipped bay in the island, with facilities for water sports and mooring. It also has shopping malls and good hotel services.

 South Africa

The South African city of Cape Town has what it takes to bring the world of Honeymooners in. The numerous tourist centers and amazing hotels has got it in the list. There is Melkbosstrand, It is regarded as an “ideal location for lazy walks along the beach or surfing at the corner.”

Away from Capetown is the suncity resort (Africa’s Kingdom of pleasure). The complex is equipped with hotels, golf courses, casinos and a crocodile sanctuary.

There is also a game reserve (Hluhluwe- Mfolozi) containing wild life. It give visitors the opportunity to get close to animals like Lion, Elephants, and Rhinoceros.

There is also Rietvlei wetland, a fresh water lake with sports facility, bringing birds of different species together for those who love nature. There are so many other interesting places you can go in South Africa to make your honeymoon a spicy one. Just check here.


Ibiza Spain, is an evidence that beach life is not exclusive to the Carribean. It has become one of Europe’s holidaying hotspots, with amenities such as; nightlife, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, and of course Water sports. It is endowed with more than 50 beaches and has Tourist centers such as;

  1. Ibiza Town
  2. Sant Antoni de Portmany
  3. Santa Eulalia de Rio
  4. Playa d’en Bossa
  5. Sant Josep Sa Talaia
  6. Cala Tarida

There are about 325 affordable hotels around this coastal city.

Madrid also gives tourists/honeymooners opportunities to enjoy their time.

El Rastro is a market center for tourists because of its stock of valuable items, virtually everything you could think of.

Prado museum: For art lovers, it is the ideal place to get whatever masterpiece there is, from 12 to 19 century.

Retiro Park: It’s a center in Madrid with a green culture that attracts a lot of people to stroll their Sunday on a blissful note.


Jamaica has about five most  coveted centers for honeymooners. This carribean isle is blessed with every taste of aquatic splendor, making her one of the hottest places in the world when it comes to tour. There are places such as:

YS Falls; about seven water falls come together here to make a pool surrounded by beautiful gardening. It gives you the choice to swim the swimmable places, although some places are rocky and requires  footwear, the Lifeguard tells you how to go about whatever you want to do.

River pool; located at the base of the falls has what it takes to keep one in the water for long. The pebble stones decorating the floors makes it more inviting.

Canopy; what it takes monkeys to swing from one tree to the other is not far reaching when you are strapped 40ft above the fall. Excitement, curiosity, all set in when you soar above the waters. That’s an unforgettable adventure.

Garden; when you think you’ve had enough, there is a garden waiting to take you in. With all the amenities you need to relax from the canopy exercise.

Gift Shop; when you have had enough for the day and  think of picking something from the store, the Gift Shop is readily available. Offering you variety of items at affordable cost.



Maldives has some vacation centers in common with other countries but with some exceptions; lots of things you would like to see that are peculiar to the Maldive people.

Fua Mulaku; Known for its fruit and vegetable fertility, this island is solitary but yet the largest in Maldives. There, fruits produced cannot be seen in any other part of the country.

Mirihi; another island in small Maldive which has what it takes to hold the world of honeymooners together. The palm trees, snow white sand, and water bungalows are natural designs that would make your visit fun.

Apart from numerous islands in Maldives, there are sports activities to entertain visitors. For example, water sports. There are about four sports clubs: Banana Reef, Manta Point, HP Reef.

Food; Ithaa is the first underwater restaurant in the world, giving you amazing view of the underwater life with its wine and rich foods. There are also, The light house Restaurant, Sea. Fire.Salt. Sky. all ready to give you the unforgettable taste.


French Polynesia

Tahiti isn’t the most popular country in the world but it has what it takes to keep the most popular people. Many tourist centers beam and wink to numerous members of newlyweds seeking to start their long life with a beautiful memory. Here are some of them-

The citadelle Laferrie’re; this mammoth fortress was built by slaves after their freedom, and has hence, become a center of attraction to the world. It’s such an architecture worth seeing.

Cap hatien is a tourist magnet, offering the world variety of things. It is in this large city that you will find Labadee, The Citadell, Sans souci, and Ramiers monument.

Camp Perrin; Sauth Mathurin is known for its amazing waterfall, which makes ‘Camp Perrin’ one of the most attractive centers in Haiti. Here, the relationship between heaven and earth is nearly intimate. When you look up the sky in the night, you feel you can touch the stars.

Kenscoff; now you have alternative to nature, in case you want a change after the day, Kenscoff offers you a vivid night life that will compliment your activities for the day. Only get your jackets on, it might get pretty temperate.


Another territory of the Carribean that gives tourists various beach options is Anguilla. Swim, Snorkel, bask and refill at fine restaurants in places like-

Shoal Bay East.

Meads Bay Beach.


Maundays Bay Beach.

Soundy Ground Village.

Island Harbour.

Fountain cavern National Park.

Anguilla Dive Sites.

Anguillita, Sandy, and Prickly Pear Islands.

The Valley.


Italy has so many things of the past to glean on when it comes to tourism, but, it’s not exclusive to monuments alone. You will surely have a place of interest out of so many that they are. Let me give you top 5 options.

Pompeii; this ancient city has the most monstrous tale of volcanic eruption, which is traced down to 79 AD. Pompeii has become one of the most toured places on earth. People travel thousands of miles just to take imaginary look, many of them on honeymoon.

Piazza del Campo is located in the ancient city of Siena, Tuscany. Adored back then for its beauty , architecture and sports activities, precisely Horse Race.

Santa Maria del Fiore; the Basilica is one the greatest brick architecture ever made, even though it came from the ancient. The coloring, polychrome marble panels, made it a center of attraction.

Colosseum; the colosseum consumed rain and blood to stand as the most popular Amphitheater in the world. In Ancient Rome, it held over 50,000 spectators per game. Today over 4000,000 visit the ruin yearly.

Canals of Venice; Wrapped around by water, this “City of water” glows. Connected through Various water canals, Venice is indeed a city built on water. Architectural designs added more to its splendor, making it one the most visited places on earth.



Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on this planet. This American state has all the river birds singing them to dance. Her tourism state is rich with 132 islands of different features.

Waikiki is the biggest tourist attraction there is in Hawaii, with facilities to contain modern entertainment, it stands at the center of tourism. The beach, Diamond Head Crater volcano, all put it together for fun seeking couples.

Volcanoes National Park gives you the imaginable view of volcanic eruption. You could get close enough to feel the heat.

Waipio Valley gives you panoramic view of the island and you will see it all. From the black sand to the white waves.

Maui Ocean center gives you the chance to see life beneath the sea, Dolphins, Sharks, Turtles etc.

Polynesian Culture Center this is where the cultural heritage of Polynesia is portrayed through dance, games, and craft demonstrations.


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