6 Reasons Your Business Proposal Is Chosen Over The Competition

What makes a proposal different from the others that it is chosen over them? Indeed, what are the things that could make your proposal so special that it can be chosen over others?

Winning Proposals
Presenting the winning Business Proposa

What makes a proposal different from the others that it is chosen over them? There are those who might hold the view that a document cannot be compared to actual service delivery. This may be true to an extent, but, there is a reason why companies throw resumes into the bin while contacting others.

The importance of your business proposal cannot be over-emphasized:

  • It is probably the first thing they get to see of you
  • It gives them a glimpse of your approach to doing business
  • It relays information that would of course be verified later
  • It gives you a platform to sell yourself to the point where it would warrant further inquiries
  • It will be compared to other proposals
  • It will be checked for compliance related issues
  • It could lead to something better or shut the door against you

Your business proposal could literally hand you a project that will set you up for life –if it is well packaged.

So why would they pick your business proposal over others? Here are 4 reasons why your proposal can be picked over the competition.

Better Pricing

Pricing always has a great influence on the direction business flows. Business could flow your way simply because you are offering to do the same thing with less money than what the others want to charge. Your business proposal is the first means they can use to get an idea of how much you are willing to charge them for the service you intend to provide. You should also be aware that everyone else would be including a price to the service they want to deliver. Better pricing can give you and edge if you make sure you will still be able to make something out of it.

Visually Appealing

A well-organized business proposal is visually more appealing than when it is not properly organized. Organizations tend to infer a lot from how your presentation looks. In most cases, it is placed on the same pedestal as a resume, as they tend to view a poorly organized resume as being indicative of some sort of personality flaw.

Having a visually appealing business proposal goes beyond being well-organized and can also include your use of data tools like charts and graphs. You should leave nothing to chance, a well-organized business proposal will include you in the list of those to be considered while a poorly organized proposal could be the end of the road for the owner.

Better Strategy/Solution

The business proposal that has the better strategy/solution will be considered above those that have what they consider  a failure in this area. In the final analysis, they want a solution that they can agree with and believe will be the best to implement. Doing just that will create a compelling business proposal that will have the people reviewing it consider it above others that were submitted.

Multiple Solutions To The Problem

While a better strategy/solution will place your proposal under due consideration, providing multiple solutions will have your proposal marked over others, and that will put you ahead of the pack. You are doing what no one has done and even if others are doing just that, you will still be highly placed if your solutions make more sense.

Better Articulation

This refers to how you layout your proposal and it has the power of persuasion attached to it. An excellently articulated business proposal leaves very few spaces to find fault. It gives the “scrutinizers” a complete argument, and they will place your proposal in the midst of those that are at the top of their consideration list.

The Right Balance

Your business proposal is selected over the others when it has the right balance. That is, when it has the right combination of visual appeal, multiple options, better pricing and excellent articulation. When they are properly mixed and connected, your proposal stands out from the rest. 

Connecting the multiple solutions to different prices gives you the flexibility to have a proposal that covers various angles. This serves to draw their attention to your proposal and this could lead them to engaging you further even if it’s just for clarification purposes.

However, the benefit of this engagement is that it is a clear indication that you have taken the top spot in the list of those they are considering, meaning; your business proposal that was drawn up with the right mix has served its purpose. Clinching the deal from this vantage point becomes far easier than those who are at the bottom of the list.

This is how and why your business proposal will be selected above your competition.

Your contribution can light up a bulb. Let’s hear your take.


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