27 Signs That Prove You Can Make $1,000,000 or More


Millionaires’ Money Generating Habits

Denzel Washington & Oprah Winfrey

We’ve compiled the best money-making habits for you. Many of them come from interviews with hundreds of rich individuals worth more than $3.2 million, most of whom are self-made millionaires. Popular authors Tom Corley, T. Harv Eker and Keith Smith have documented these habits in their books.

You Have a Lot of Energy

Steve Jobs

Business Insider

High energy people throw themselves into their projects.

You Spend Less Than 1 Hr a Day Watching TV

you do not waste time on tv

You are the star of your life. You don’t waste time goofing around online either.

You Take Calculated Risks

elon musk

The Odyssey Online

You do your research and anticipate mistakes/problems. Then you dive right in.

You Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

you face your fears

While it’s frightening to start a new venture, you don’t let the fear of failure stop you.

You See Opportunities

Google Guys


While others whine and complain, you see problems as an opportunity to create solutions.

You Don’t Blurt Out Every Thought and Feeling

do not gossip

You have an emotional filter and don’t let your anger get the best of you. Not everything thought has to be said and not everything said has to be published.

You are Optimistic

shawn achor happiness


Studies show that having an optimistic outlook improves the quality of your life including your finances. Shawn Achor, shown above, is the author of “The Happiness Advantage”.

You Build Relationships

build relationships

You are busy building valuable relationships that results in more friends, clients and partners.

You Take Responsibility

take responsibility

If you can make a difference, you do. Even if it’s not your job.

You Set Goals

set goals

Instead of wishing upon a star you set achievable goals.

You Don’t Procrastinate

no more procrastination

Instead of pushing things off until tomorrow, you try to fit in tasks as soon as you can.

You Listen More Than You Talk

actively listen

A 5-to-1 ratio is about right.

You Don’t Hang Out with Toxic People

Inspirational friends

You associate with inspirational people instead.

You Have Multiple Sources Of Income

multiple sources of income

You know that diversifying your income streams is crucial to avoid the ups and downs of economic cycles in different industries.

You Persevere

you persevere

You don’t stop when the going gets tough. You don’t stop until you are proud. And you don’t rest on your laurels.

You Learn Something Every Day

Young Bill Gates


You listen to audiobooks or read blogs that teach you skills, strategies and tips every day.

You Transcend Self-Limiting Beliefs

transcending self limiting beliefs

Your internal pep talks are motivating, not deflating.

You Have a Mentor

you have a mentor

Mentors regularly participate in your growth by sharing their experiences and knowledge with you.

You Don’t Use The Phrase “Bad Luck”

you make your own luck

You make your own “luck”. You roll with the punches. There is no bad luck, only bad decisions.

You Talk Ideas Not People

you talk ideas not people

You don’t lower yourself to gossip, you talk about ideas and then act on them.

You Embrace Change

change or fail

Instead of wishing it weren’t so, you actively anticipate and manage change.

You Are Generous Emotionally And Physically

be a giver

You are a giver and understand that giving doesn’t drain you but improves the quality of your life.

You Actively Manage Your Time

time management

You don’t let others take control of your time.

You Don’t Gamble For Fun or “Profit”

avoid gambling

You save and invest your money, you don’t gamble it away.

You Think Long-Term

take the long view

You look ahead to the future and do not only what’s right for now but what’s right for the future.

You Pay Your Future Self First

pay your future self

You save 20 percent of your net income and live on the remaining 80 percent.


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