30 Horrifically Hilarious Halloween Dog Costumes

Does it bother you seeing a beautiful dog dressed up in a ridiculous outfit? We can’t stand it either. While some Halloween costumes are cute, some are just downright silly. Take a look at the following 30 costumes and let us know what you think.


Bride and Groom Costume

Dog bride and groom puppies

Taxi Cab Costume

Taxi cab dog during Dachshund parade.

Cowboy Costume

Dachshund in a cowboy costume.

Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur dog during Dachshund parade.

Dog Catcher Costume

Dog catcher costume.

Leopard Skin Costume

Dog with a leopard skin costume and cute hat during Dachshund parade.

Super Hero Costume

Super hero dog

Bewitched Costume

Two Bichon Frise dogs in witch costumes.

Firefighting Costume

Firefighting bulldog

Football Costume

English bulldog puppy wearing football jersey

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