Gentle Giants Or Dangerous Predators?

Giants walk (and swim! and fly!) among us! While some of these big guys can pose serious threats to human, others are mellow as can be. Can you guess which of these giants are gentle and which ones you should definitely run (or swim) away from? Check out these fifteen humongous creatures!

Credit: @Josh + Nanu║BigBirdsTravelsđŸ„

The Giraffe

Everyone loves these majestic and awkward creatures. Their legs alone can be over six feet tall, with their total height reaching up to eighteen feet! They’re also speedy guys, running short distances up to 35 MPH. Are these massive mammals friendly? 100%. Giraffes spend 16-20 hours a day eating plants, twigs, and fruits. So unless you’re a papaya, you probably have very little to worry about when you encounter a giraffe. As with all animals, however, it is important to give them the space and freedom they need!

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