Diver Has Epiphany After Being Attacked By Whale

It is well known that sea mammals are dangerous beings that have the ability to act as predators towards humans. The humpback whale is not known as a predator of the sea, but is considered to be one of the largest species of animals, and it would not be recommended for divers to run into whales. This brings us to the story of Nan Hauser, the marine biologist who had a distressful experience while diving back in September of 2017 that would change her life forever. Hauser looks back on her near death encounter with a humpback whale.


Nan Hauser, The Marine Biologist

Nan Hauser is an experienced marine biologist, havin spent most of her life researching, and observing oceanic life. Her main focus was on whales and dolphins for around 30 years. Throughout all her years in the field, she has taken part in many risky dives, encountering all types of oceanic creatures.

Hauser has shifted her focus to the South Pacific Ocean, with her main goal being to save the whales in that area. Although she is an experienced diver, the dive she took back in September of 2017 was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before.